I've set up a blog on the homepage of http://www.radicaldog.com , and with it comes a video of my kind-of-dating-sim 'Til Death Do Us Part. Set to be the weirdest game I've ever developed, it should be one of the most messed up things to hit the portal this fall/winter :D

Exciting new game in development :O

The Man with the Invisible Success

2011-03-12 12:24:21 by helloearthling

So, my game The Man with the Invisible Trousers has been a success! It's had some 600,000 views in 4 days of official launch, getting on the front page of here, Kongregate, and Armor Games, among others.

I'm thinking I should make a sequel, and I'm brainstorming now. What would people like to see in a super amazing sequel?